Shifting Negative Energy and Shielding

You are having one of those days/weeks/months where the world is grey. Every corner you turn, you feel like your skin is inside out and the world is full of prickles pointed at you.

If you are an emotionally sensitive human, or an empath, you may feel this more intensely than most, and the residual after effects can hang around longer, too. Not nice.

If you are of the spiritual persuasion, you may have heard of shielding or energetically blocking out the negative vibes of the world that get too close.

Shielding can be done a few different ways. You can google it up. If you know Reiki, you can use Reiki with the intention of surrounding yourself with an energetic shield of love (use cho ku rei). You can connect with a healer such as yours truly who can set up an energetic shield for you. If you choose to find a healer to help, the results may last a few days, but I’m sorry, you can’t put me in your pocket and take me out as needed. Unfortunately I’m not that portable. You can use a black crystal such as jet or black tourmaline (my fave) for protection and grounding. Connect with your intuition about what feels right for you.

black tourmaline

There is also another way.

I know this is going to sound harsh, but if you are in a space where all the energetic ^!@# is finding it’s way to you, it’s not random. It’s you. Of course you would never intentionally bring situations to yourself that would cause you stress or grief, but nonetheless, it’s you. When something has happened to you, you are thinking no, I don’t want that. You are very intensely focused on what you don’t want. Also, the worse it is, the longer you tend to carry those thoughts with you, causing what you don’t want to be more and more attracted to you through law of attraction. Then, even more energetic garbage hits the fan, causing you to feel worse. I know it seems an impossible task to shift into a positive mindset when this is happening, I get that. Sometimes you aren’t able to. Sometimes you have to ride it out, because you are in the middle of it and have gone too far to reverse it. Too much momentum is built up.

There are a few processes to try in this situation. After you leave whatever reality is in your face and have time, find some really satisfying thoughts. Think about anything really good: puppies, your kids. nature, your lover. Anything. Stay there, milk it. You can write it down, if that works for you.

And if you can’t get there at all, meditate.

In fact, this is the best thing to do, I think, when things are at their worst. Meditation clears your mind, and resets your out-of-whack set point. It is a very good thing to practice a little everyday. Not only can it bring you back to an emotionally peaceful place, it can also also quiet your mind enough to have inspiration come through from time to time.

Because I am a healer, I can gently direct a flow of energy to gently nudge your body into a more peaceful state of being. This is an excellent beginning. If from that peaceful place, you can start to notice your thoughts and topics of conversation, and redirect to higher vibrational topics and imaginings.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid the negative stuff. But you can get ahead of the mess by priming yourself emotionally and shifting your set point.  If you catch yourself in an energetic/emotional rut, think about the thoughts you are thinking. Are they positive and uplifting? If not, can you shift them?

I think you can.

Namaste, lovlies!

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