Alignment: Know if You’re in the Flow

Today I want to talk about being in alignment, and what it means to me. What I mean by alignment is feeling that connection to the non-physical energy inside us. Call it God, Source, flow-state, whatever resonates with you.

I am studying Esther Hicks (spiritual motivational speaker extraordinaire) and resonate with many of her teachings. She says that the most simple way we can know if we are connected to that energy flow is by how we feel.

Check it out: if I’m feeling bad, worried, depressed, sad, or any other negative emotion, I am blocked off from my connection. It’s important to mention that though we can be temporarily blocked, even in the midst of our lowest vibrational states, we are never cut off completely (though it can feel like we are at those points).

At the other end of that emotional/vibrational spectrum is being connected with Source, which means feeling any positive emotion. Anything from contentment and hope to ecstatic bliss. The whole range is an indication you’re  connected. So if you’re there right now, good for you!

Emotionally people are often feeling tugged around by what is happening to them externally in their environment, like a knee-jerk response. For myself, it’s been a matter of retraining my brain. If raising my vibration is the most important goal (and yes, getting in alignment with Source energy is a priority in my life, for the wellbeing of myself and those around me) then I should try my best to reach for the positive. If you look objectively at every situation, there is always both good and bad. I used to think of myself as a naturally optimistic person until I actually started to notice my thoughts. How often in those every day moments something negative popped into my head, and then I wondered why I was attracting so much negative into my life.

So now I am making changes. I’ve found meditation is a great way to neutralize energy and notice my thoughts. A Reiki session can also do wonders for an emotional uplifting experience. A massage from a person coming from a place of love can also be a beautiful reset.

If all else fails, take a nap.

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