Indian Head Massage

head massage

30 minutes of bliss.
Your choice of pure essential oils or unscented massage gel.
Your hairdo will be destroyed.

Amazing for headaches, facial, and upper body tension.

Melt Away 

Sublime Swedish massage combined with Indian Head massage.
90 minute escape.

Rejuvenation for all general body aches.

Substitute Indian Head massage with Reiki healing for no extra charge.

Follow Your Bliss

foot massage

Envelope yourself with a combination of warm, connected Swedish massage, and aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil is sublime for relaxation combined with all the benefits of massage.

$65/ hr

Deep Swedish Massage

hot stone massage

The same wonderful experience as mentioned above, but with a firmer, deeper touch.
Can be full-body or problem-area specific.

The best choice for releasing muscle tension and for those who like the feeling of a firm massage pressure.

Reiki Healing

reiki massage

Pure juicy energy amplified and directed.
Pairs beautifully with any massage.
Next-level relaxation.

Reiki has numerous benefits including physical. emotional and energetic healing. A truly uplifting experience.

Packaged Service Cards

Packaged services are a fantastic way to become rooted in a self-care routine and save at the same time. They are also a wonderful gift idea!

5 session Reiki card – $275

5 session massage card – $275


+$5 add aromatherapy (a specially blended natural lotion with essential oils applied to the skin) to any service, including Reiki.

*** Alternative deeper healing massage services combined with altered state of consciousness experiences are available upon request. These services are designed for clients who experience PTSD, anxiety, and depression, or who are looking to explore their own internal landscape. If interested, please contact me directly.