Hello to all my wonderful blog readers! I am so excited about the building of my new site, as I hope I can reach out to many more people this way. Not only is this a brand new website for me, but also a new location at my home studio in Coquitlam.

So far I am loving the space and the quiet neighbourhood!

Tracy's reiki studio

The studio is super cozy, surrounded by candles,a pure essential oil diffuser, tapestries, and my crystal collection which includes a selenite crystal ball. Selenite is the Reiki healer’s choice for bathing in those fantastic energies.

I have a professional table with infinite extra blankets, bolsters and pillows to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and a mini heater for those who like it a little warmer.

I specialize in helping with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and general stress. Over time, Reiki healing is effective treatment for people suffering from mental health issues.

I offer Reiki as well as some  special services for those seeking some extra healing, including an option for journeying into an altered state of consciousness (email me for more details).

I have discount rates for brand new clients and for referrals.

Hope to see you soon! Namaste, lovelies <3

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