Raw Journey

The juice feast I was writing about previously ended at day 10. I was wanting to go longer, but emotionally fell off after a conversation with a friend. And then several days with (raw) food and I felt the pull again. So I hopped back on the juice train for 19 days, and then my juicer broke.  Seriously I have had 4 shitty juicers not be able to handle regular use. Luckily I ordered through amazon so was able to return them. But it looks like I had a lesson to learn about juicers. Same as blenders, if you are serious about daily use (especially 5 litres of juice per day like on a juice cleasne) then it’s smarter to invest in a juicer for life. So I ordered a couple more defective juicers (cough omega and homever) and then decided to take the plunge and get an Angel juicer. The stainless steel no cheap plastic pieces construction is what’s up, because the parts that broke on the other juicers were, guess what? You got it, cheap plastic. I actually saw a demo video of an Angel juicer and I fell in love at first site. And since it’s an Angel, it’s meant to be because I am one too 😉

Some not so great news is that I fell off after the 19 days and succumbed to junk food and cooked food. Like a lot of feast days. It was really hard to manage the emotional frustration of having my juicer bust after 19 days of effort. Also, I was unprepared for eating solid food so all that was in my fridge was a ton of juice fruits and vegetables. I didn’t have any ingredients for my usual raw solid food recipes. And I wasn’t going to get like a whole bunch more groceries mid week because my fridge was full and I couldn’t afford it.

I tried to eat watermelons and oranges and everything was just tasting so bad, so I did end up buying some ingredients and then what I made still tasted bad. My body really wanted more juice or random fatty junk food, but nothing in between. So I caved for a bit. Then I started getting scared I would lose all my progress and all my health issues would come back full force. Not gonna lie, candida is not a visitor I want knocking at my door. Worst house guest ever. Sleeps on your couch and demands crappy food all day long. And brain fog and knee pain and mood swings and insomnia. All have been resolving on a raw vegan diet. And I don’t know what is the turning point for these “pals” to creep back into my life.

So, a water fast it is today. And maybe tomorrow and the next day as I await the arrival of my angel.

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