Juice Feasting, Day 2

Hello beautiful people!

I have not posted in such a long time, and so I thought it might be good to chronicle a project I am undertaking. As per the title of my post, as of yesterday I am juice feasting/cleansing.

So without going into too much detail about my chaotic history with food (though I might write about that in a different post), 100 days ago today, I decided to go on a raw vegan detox. Or what I thought would be so.

I was compelled to do something, because my body was protesting what I already thought was a fairly healthy cooked food vegan diet. Yet I was experiencing all kinds of symptoms that I intuitively knew were food-related.  Inflammation, gut health issues, skin issues, brain fog, fatigue, caffeine addiction, mood swings, insomnia, excess weight. I wondered, how could it be that I am having all these issues on a vegan diet?

When I became a vegan almost 12 years ago, it was not for health reasons, and so I wasn’t really motivated to remove the myriad of delicious processed vegan junk foods from my diet until I started having all these health issues.  It just got a point where I was just feeling so generally bad in my body that I had to do something.

After trying basically every other variation of a vegan diet –  keto vegan, low carb vegan, whole foods plant based cooked food vegan, high fat raw vegan, with intermittent fasting thrown in there (which I still practice because it’s awesome). There were aspects of  each style (different foods, etc) that I’d loved, but not one worked for my health problems long-term.

I still knew intuitively that my solution was out there, I just needed to find it. And so I finally decided to try a low fat raw vegan diet. I actually didn’t believe it would work for me. I was sure the food would be bland, I thought I’d be starving and feel deprived without much overt fat in my diet (low carb and vegan keto fatty dressing recipes were my fave to slather on salads).  But despite my concerns about it being boring and not sustainable, I felt I was running out of options, so I decided to try it out for 30 days anyway. I needed to do something, and if I was suffering too much, I would end it there.

Well 30 days came and within that time, and I knew I didn’t want to stop, like ever. I love the fresh food, the not-at-all bland new recipes, I was sleeping so much better, and even though I had a couple of rough detox periods, I was beginning to have much more energy. So here I am, exactly 100 days in (yay!) and loving it. I even kicked my coffee habit recently. Go me!


Why do I want to juice feast if I am already following a raw food diet? 

I thought it would be good to give my digestive system a rest and allow my body to do a deep clean and reset. I recently learned about mucoid plaque and biofilms in the digestive tract and how it’s really good to clean that out with a one-time juice feasting protocol. as this lining of accumulated toxins hinders proper absorption of nutrients and can contribute to illness and disease. I will be using psyllium husk and bentonite clay in a couple of weeks to pull the cursed dark matter out of my body, in the meantime loosening up the plaque with astringent juices such as citrus and pineapple, plus herbs like cilantro that will also help.

I don’t have a time frame for how long the cleanse will take me to complete, it’s different for everyone.  I will work with the husk and clay until stuff starts to come out, and then once it stops, I will be done.

So far my energy has been good. I drink 5 litres of juice per day, and each litre of fruit juice has approximately 500 calories, so I am definitely reaching my calorie goals and I am not starving. I have not felt hungry yet, and feel full and hydrated.

I don’t expect the juice feast to reverse all my health issues, nor do I have that expectation that it will happen anytime soon. The body takes time to heal. I think of how many years of binging and eating crap it took me to get here, and it may take years on this lifestyle to completely reverse the damage. That’s okay.

I’m worth it.



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