Day 4 Juice Cleanse

Day 4 of juicing. Watermelon is the base of most of my juice these days because they were on sale I bought 10 of them, yes 10 – but then the delivery driver said he had 3 extra, and so I said “I’ll take those too!” and he gave them to me. Why not? I’ll use them!

I watched Fat Sick and Nearly dead yesterday, which is a documentary on YouTube about a guy who did a 60 day juice fast and it basically saved his life, and other people’s as well. It was very inspiring, and not just because the guy turned into a total hottie at the end. 🙂

My grocery shops are a big (expensive) deal because I don’t want to run out of produce. They say $25 a day for juicing organic produce, but my financial reality cannot support organic all the time (though I try more often these days). I usually go by the dirty dozen and clean 15

Yesterday and today I seem more stable and balanced than day 1 and 2. I wonder how my body will handle my impending vaccination on Saturday, as I will still be juice feasting, according to plan. I hypothesize that since I apparently “need” to have toxins injected into me, it might be more advantageous to do it while my body is in deep clean/detox mode. That I can attempt to detox that crap outta me, one would hope.


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