Day 10 Juice Cleanse

Here I am, still juicing it up on day 10. I feel like I’m my best self these days. Well, closer to it than I have been in a long time.  My energy is up, I’m dealing with stuff like a boss. Well maybe an assistant boss, but up for promotion soon!

I went for my vaccine on the weekend. No side effects, it was basically a non-event. I was concerned about juice cleansing and getting a vaccine at the same time, but now all my worries are water under the bridge except for the fact that I totally sold myself out by going and getting a vaccine I don’t need or believe in. But hey, at least society can deem me acceptable now.

Anyway I have been feeling all the feelings real big, but yet they pass. I cry, they pass, I vent, they pass. I guess they just need to be released as opposed to shoved down with food so they don’t get stuck in the body and turn into illness.

Juice cleansing has opened up my eyes and made me realize how little I need food. I haven’t eaten in 10 days, and I have never felt better. I’m not dragging myself through my day, I’m light, floating. That said, I am still unfocused. My thoughts are not in good order and I do not yet have the mental clarity I seek. Other benefits, yes.

Plus there is a matter of time and money. I am going to be unemployed very soon and juice is wonderful, the benefits are wonderful, but cost effective it is not. Which sucks because I really really really want to get the mucoid plaque out of my body. I’d say maybe another few days to use up my produce and then I will have to transition back to solid food. But I have learned a lot, and my body loves the juices. After this is over, I am definitely going to make an effort to incorporate more all juice days into my life.


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